Web Security


The term “Web Security” is being explained in several different ways. A preferred explanation is approaching the problem form the point of view of its vulnerabilities and the different way these are used to compromise sensitive data.

As many organizations have discovered, these attacks will evade traditional enterprise network defenses unless new precautions are being taken.


Best practices indicates that the path to first approaching the problem is to identify individual vulnerabilities.It certifies the security, privacy and trust  of any web site or online service though enterprise data verification, contact information verification,  privacy policy, data protection verification and periodically performed vulnerabilities scans in order to verify and certify the Website security.

It has been designed by experts for organizations with critical web applications to manage their web application security and show the visitors that they are navigating on a "secure" site.


Application Security

One the first concepts about IT Security we learned first was that every entry point in the e-Business system must be secured, from the network to the application level.

Currently most network security issues including access control, data transmission security and authentication can be addressed using commercially available products. Unfortunately that normally means that application security receives less attention.

Following the threat modeling approach a threat is any potential or actual adverse event that can compromise the assets of an enterprise.

The application security can be improved creating a register to follow the life-cycle for each application and recording and comparing the complete activity.


Field of Expertise

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