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 Intelligence Consulting: Time - a secret tool




Today it is obvious that some of the necessary skills that a company must have are inside their own structure. That’s why re-engineering was considered as strategic in the past and coaching is seen as an advantage today.

They systematically help and improve the core skills: engineering skills to design products, technical expertise to create systems, financial thinking to sharpen results. They are one of the keys to move from best practices to competitive advantage.

Traditionally we all believed that the best way to achieve competitive advantage is by providing more value for lower cost. Now we understand that the right strategy must also focus on flexibility and responsiveness: do the same in the least amount of time.

Time became the cornerstone for business success.

This strategy provides leverage to the organization to create an overall competitive advantage. It creates a unique position for corporate success, in balance with the other competitive skills. It’s a sense of opportunity.


This is our strategy.   This is what we do.