Threat and Crime Analysis

The ability to identify and characterize events or attributes associated with an increased threat level or risk. It can be applied for strategic deployment, risk prevention & risk mitigation, threat assessment and forecasting.

We provide a coherent, rational and consistent methodology and processes to gather Intelligence.

There are several analytical techniques and also commercial products that can be utilized. However when applying analysis in Business Threat and Crime Analysis, the technique of providing threat assessment is critical.


Our Methodology applies strategic intelligence assessment principles and methods to support business executives and security executives within the boundaries of their activity. We focus on the challenging business environment to issue driven information.

Case example:

Scenario-crime analisisThis highlights location and patterns. The orange dots represent the hypothetical suspicious activity.

This simple view demonstrates the importance of the recognition of patterns to enable the generation of operationally actionable output.

This information can be used to further refine the threat assessment of this building, focusing on areas associated with high activity. Additionally, it will optimize new or already deployed security measures like cameras, patrol controls, perimeter alarms or lighting.


The intelligence acquired with this analysis will help companies to decide the best location to invest in a new subsidiary, to define the investment cost in facilities & security, to optimize deployed systems, reduce cost in insurances, accident litigation, etc.

Field of Expertise

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