Tactics & Strategy

Shaping business complexity



 Intelligence Consulting: Tactics & Strategy




The essence of Seran Intelligence Consulting is based on the simple act of thinking.


Information and knowledge are undividable elements related to this action. They are constituent parts of the same simple concept. Identifying the individual elements of each piece of information, we are able to determine their relationship to gain knowledge. Knowledge is an actionable and differential value. This is what we have defined as Intelligence Consulting.


Our Tactics are simple: shape complexity to deliver customized and reliable solutions. It forces a focus on the future. Tactics need direction. They not only need a sense of direction, but also a clear sense of opportunity. Time-synergy orientation, responsive reactions and optimal flexibility will provide leverage. It creates a unique position for corporate success.


Our Strategy is deeper and simpler:  enable an overall competitive advantage. Guiding actions to reveal areas of uncertainty, promoting intuitive management based on actionable knowledge and tapering ambiguity will unlock the ability to foresee creative and agile out-of-the box solutions.


This is our strategy.   This is what we do.