Security Audits

Essentially a Security Audit is a systematic evaluation and scrutiny of an organization's physical, financial and information systems & access control procedures to identify threats & weaknesses to determine its level of vulnerability to attacks or intrusions from unauthorized personnel or criminals.

Risks weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and threats like viruses, Trojans, and intruder’s illegal access, use, modification, or destruction

Tools      an effective security policy, security management, systems engineering, protection against insider threats, workplace policies, standards, guidelines and procedures, confidentiality, integrity, availability.

Our Services:

Physical Security:

Facilities security, human security (Safety and HSE program):

IT Security:

Application security, data security, information security, network security

Internal Audit:

Tailored on base of customer needs


We provide a comprehensive security solution to assess, manage and address risk. Our goal is focused to protect personnel, properties, structures and systems.

Our approach permits us to step carefully into and across the entire process and develop a plan focused on minimizing the clients’ organizational exposure and liabilities.

Internal Audit – Practice: We plan and manage every aspect of internal auditing: timeline, organizational agreements, scope of examinations, risk assessment, audit plans, work programs, meetings and reviews, computer accessing, special projects, reporting. Our methodology and technology tools improve the integrity of the overall management process.

Field of Expertise

Our consultants will provide you with specific solutions tailored to fit your business requirements. We will very gladly attend to your questions. For more detailed information, please contact us.