Dr. Salvador Serra

Founder - CEO Germany

Field of Expertise

Security Consulting in the areas of Security Management, Forensics, Business Continuity, Business Strategy, Threat & Crime Analysis.


Salvador Serra has spent a large portion of his career in the field of International Security, providing overall strategic direction as well as support in new business initiatives.


He gathered his experience from different areas of Security and Intelligence. Since 1993 has been working in international markets, mainly in North & South America and Europe. His expertise lies in designing security for complex industry buildings, risk management, continuity strategies and loss prevention. his experience working in international projects started after the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992. As Director of Security, he was responsible for security and corporate protection, coordination of international security forces, as well as contingency plans and crisis management. After this, he held several management positions in international markets, coordinating security projects in Europa and America. Salvador holds a PhD in Criminology & Digital Forensics, a degree in Security and Risk Management, and several professional security certifications.


Dr. Ole Skarin

Co-Founder - CEO Sweden

Field of Expertise

Development of Business and Market Strategies, Security Added Value, Competitive Intelligence.

Ole Skarin's international experience is mainly in European and US markets.

Since the mid 80’s, he has dedicated a large portion of his career to IT in a number of capacities.

Marketing and Sales Development as well as Channel Development in companies such as Apple, NeXT and Data General presented challenges in a new worldwide growing business.  One of his key experiences was to establish new businesses, in Europe and especially in the Nordic countries. He also have humanistic experience from working with the development of Education and Research at University level as well as the National Board of Antiquities. Ole holds a PhD in History, a Bachelor in Social Sciences, and several technical and professional certificates.