Incident Response


Keeping organizational information assets secure in today's interconnected computing environment is a true challenge that becomes more difficult with each new e-product and each new intruder tool. Most organizations realize that there is no one all-in-one solution for securing systems and data.

Instead a multi-layered security strategy is required.


From our experience, we learned that organizations which are beginning to build their incident response capability, are looking to determine the best strategy for putting such a structure in place. Basically, they not only want to know what has worked well for others, but also want some guidance on the process and requirements they must follow to establish an effective incident response capability.

Typically, using experience from our previous projects, we can draft a scenario and deduct the initial needs. We are ready to share our knowledge and best practices with you, which are applied worldwide in similar organizations.


Field of Expertise

Our consultants will provide you with specific solutions tailored to fit your business requirements. We will very gladly attend to your questions. For more detailed information, please contact us.