Forensic & Criminalistics Consulting


           Ready or not . . .

Unfortunately, whether your organization is prepared or not, security incidents can happen.

Seran Intelligence Consulting has expertise in incident response, forensics and criminalistics consulting, which can support or supplement your team when suspected unauthorized, illegal or malicious activities are detected. In addition, we can help you to develop a comprehensive incident response plan, so you are prepared in the event of a breach.

Our consultancy services will prepare you to handle these kind of situations.

Our experts will accompany you during the entire process, will identify the causes, and assist you to design and develop a plan to manage similar events in the future.

One of the goals in any forensic action is to focus on the process of examining and preserving data found in computer systems, digital storage or on networks.

This is necessary to determine as much as possible about a security incident, including identifying how it occurred, a root cause analysis to determine why it occurred, collection of evidence for suspected misuse, documentation of policy violations, and documentation of potentially unlawful activities or actions.

Field of Expertise

Our consultants will provide you with specific solutions tailored to fit your business requirements. We will very gladly attend to your questions. For more detailed information, please contact us.