Competitive Intelligence

“The simplest, the best”

Analysis is resolution (examination and determination) of something complex into simple elements.

Taking these simple elements enables the observer to examine or determine their relationship or value to gain knowledge.

The systematic and ethical processing of this knowledge will provide and forecast new valuable knowledge about the business environment. This is Competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence enables management to make advised decisions about the whole business spectrum. That is that we do..

Ethics: The Essence of Competitive Intelligence

Ethics is a fundamental and undividable element of Competitive Intelligence. It governs the holistic definition of Competitive Intelligence: the legal & ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities and strategies regarding business competitors.

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) define the boundaries of the activity with its Code of Ethics:

- To continually strive to increase the recognition and respect of the profession.

- To comply with all applicable laws, domestic and international.

- To accurately disclose all relevant information, including one's identity and organization, prior to all interviews.

- To avoid conflicts of interest in fulfilling one's duties.

- To provide honest and realistic recommendations and conclusions in the execution of one's duties.

- To promote this ethics within one's company, with third-party contractors and within the entire profession.

- To faithfully adhere to and abide by one's company policies, objectives and

Field of Expertise

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